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Request Make Sellable Plots
9 months ago

Hello. I am a new player on the server but i have a great idea that might work out. 

Please if you are able to make a specially designed idea where players are going to be able to purchase a plot that they have full control of it and make it a shop (example) and other players can visit it and maybe buy items with in-game currency. 

News Important Update
9 months ago

New Updates approached Vurtuality Network !

The First and the biggest update is The Store.

The store is completely renewed and redesigned. New packages are added to it and many more payment ways. So to celebrate this we've added a Donator Rank. You can pay as much as you want for this rank starting from $0.50.We wanted the perks to be mistery.

Information Webstore Redesign Progress
9 months ago

The store is going to be released in a few days. 


News Crates
9 months ago

Crates are still in development but they are going to be released in the following week. 

Also Voting is in development which means that you can vote for Vurtuality Network and get rewarded. 

For Every Vote You Get 1 Vote Crate Key and the prizes are following:

- Vote Helmet (Iron)

- Vote Chestplate (Iron)

- Vote Leggings (Iron)

- Vote Boots (Iron)

- Epic crate Key

- Vote Sword (Iron)

- Vote Bow

News Info: Rank Perks Update
10 months ago

Thanks to Matt

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